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September 2017

One question persists throughout my work: what is jewelry?  

I constantly question what I know about life, the definitions I use and the perceptions that influence me. My objects are a frame for these questions, and an exploration of alternate answers. The technical craft of metalsmithing, combined with the delicacy and creativity of jewelry design, give me the ideal medium through which to share my passion for flow versus function, form versus imagination.


I see beauty in daily things like “scribbles” of hair hanging on a bathroom wall, This hair, considered unappealing and even repulsive in an ordinary context, prompts me to look openly and allow a redefinition of my learned perception of beauty. My collection, Intentional Serendipity, takes such “scribbles” and uses their lines to form my objects.

Presenting each in a physical frame – giving it a “home” – I raise the question “where does this item belong”?

In my series, “1,2… 8: Red Light” I created 8 objects that “freeze” my body

in a pose that references Rodin’s The Thinker.

By connecting a moment of abstract thought to a physical object,

I seek to capture the moment an idea becomes a statement – an act, a thing of substance.

The precise order in which the objects are set chain the body at contact points that

we are not usually aware of in our daily lives.

The placement of the objects brings an attentive awareness of how we define

and perceive our bodies and ourselves.


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